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Private Equity 



KIG partners invest with our clients in private equity investments.  We believe our interest is best aligned with our clients’ when we put our own money where our mouth is. 


We have a well-defined investment strategy. 


  • Normally we come in as a strategic investor and we strive to add value to our investment subjects by putting our resources into the company. 

  • We don’t always seek a majority control, but ideally, we would like to have a significant minority position collectively with our investor group so that we can add value effectively.

  • We prefer situations where we have insights and can exert influence on the investment target as well as the management.

  • Along with our investors, we provide post-investment management.



Our Private Equity Investment Process starts with diligent deal sourcing and extensive analysis, but it does not end when we and/or investors make the investment.  Rather, we continue our relationship with the company management and monitoring our portfolio after the investment.  

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